A Farmer Went to an Art Gallery!


IMG_6612Yesterday Mrs Bard took me to an art gallery. Now before you get the wrong idea and make a joke that begins: ‘A farmer went into an art gallery’, I have to point out that this was no ordinary gallery. In fact so far removed from the very notion of what springs to mind with the phrase, that it was like visiting a friend’s country house where the artwork on the wall just happens to be for sale. Oh and they serve an absolutely wicked coffee cake in their fantastic coffee shop…

A farmer went into an art gallery
It sounds just like a joke
But some sons of the soil
Appreciate pastel and oil
Unlike Neanderthal Bloke

A farmer went into an art gallery
He’d been promised coffee cake!
What he found there
Was beyond compare
A first class gold-star bake

A farmer left an art gallery
Bought a painting from there to take
Where it will go
He doesn’t know
But it’ll remind him of coffee cake!
IMG_6606If you are in North Wales and want either the best coffee cake money can buy or view/buy some of the most wonderful art in majestic surroundings, I urge you to visit Ffin Y Parc (see www.welshart.net or put LL26 0PT into your trusty sat-nav). 

© Baldock Bard 2013
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