Out in the Fog and Missed!


Following a twentieth annual dose of nerves yesterday morning, Farmer Giles was much relieved when a large crowd of sellers and buyers arrived at the car boot sale. Thick fog threatened to disorientate first-timers, many who overshot the entrance, but all were eventually shown the way on their return by the vast number of others turning into the field…

First Sale of the Season!

When I arrived at the car boot sale,
Expecting rain or snow or hail,
A blanket of fog covered the site,
I couldn’t see either left or right!

The phone was hot from people ringing,
“Where’s your entrance? Please start singing!”
Just when I thought that this was fate,
The sun chased it off just after eight!

Lots of people and a smiling Jack:
“I’ve missed these sales, it’s good to be back.”
Masses of customers, plenty of booters,
More armfuls of bargains than last year’s looters!

Thomas and Carla served me bacon and tea
While munching my breakfast: “this’ll do me!”
After twenty years of ‘Opening Sale Day’
I should have known by now it would be Ok!

 © Baldock Bard
The Baldock Car Boot Sale’s 20th anniversary season continues next Saturday!
BootLine: 07852 707 074


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