Potions, Pills and Calisthenics!


I have a dear friend who, in her late fifties, is now unrecognizable due to a form of dementia. Yesterday I was interested to read a Sunday supplement entitled Health and Fitness. There must be a ‘middle way’ between those who wish to bring an Orwellian regime into our lives and those who smoke while chip-feeding their babies?
We also seem to live in a world of presentation over substance where what we look like is deemed to be more important than what we are like. This is fine if you are Kate Moss, but not so good for us mere mortals.
I wish to dedicate this verse, not only to our poorly friend but also to Avis, a centenarian butler I met when I was a child who, having eaten the best food and drunk the best wine all his days, handed me a yardstick for life: “Everything in moderation.”

Potions, Pills and Calisthenics!

What did we do before healthy eating?
However this far did we survive?
Selenium, L-Carnatine and Gogi berries,
We’re told we need them to stay alive.

We are slackers deserving punishment!
Put on the lycra, scare the cat,
Trust in Igor, the personal trainer,
The gym (the confessional) is where it’s at!

‘Verbotten’ the cry of all ‘Health Nazis’
Cigarettes on sale mustn’t be seen,
We must obey their alcohol units,
Taxes in future will pretend to be green.

Years ago I met a butler,
He had back then a rare telegram,
I asked him how he’d lived to 100,
“Everything in moderation,” said the old man.

Yes! We’re healthier, that’s beneficial,
But more now suffer in their final year,
Quality of life destroyed by dementia,
Do I want that? I’d answer “No fear!”

© Baldock Bard

*Dementia Carers (www.dementiacarers.com) – A refuge and support for those who find themselves caring for a loved one suffering from dementia in any form.

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