Stage Coach!


IMG_6559The other day I watched a gaggle of elderly ladies board a coach. I was expecting a quiet and genteel scene befitting of their advancing years. However when I considered the scene my thoughts went from almost pity to admiration. Here was a group leading the fight against the inevitable wing-backed chair in front of the over-loud television. They were seeing things, doing things and providing a vanguard for the future us…

Ethel along with her sister Flo,
Board a coach and off they go!
Today ‘Castles and Mountains’ it may be,
Tomorrow across the Irish sea!
They always try to book with Stan,
Because they say, “He’s such a nice man!”
When they arrive at the latest attraction,
It comforting to have the same reaction!
“Be back in an hour,” Stan will agree,
There’s time for the gift shop, time for tea.
When full of youth it was a treat,
To rush with your friends to bag the back seat!
Now in ‘Golden Years’, their pace is slow,
Right up front they like to go!
Out come the needles and with a tit, tit, tit,
Aged fingers on auto-knit!
Grand-nephews and nieces with silent oaths,
Unwrap with horror coach-made clothes!

One day soon they’ll be tied to a chair,
There’ll be no time to sit and stare,
They’ll spend their days and entertain,
With stories from the road again!
So neither sad nor sorry be,
The coach keeps them mobile and full of tea!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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