The ‘Monday-Break-it-Fairy’ is Defeated!


Ploughing 1914Sod’s Law states that if it is going to break it will do so at the most inconsiderate time! Yesterday I arrived in the field to plough and within ten minutes had to return to the farm with a broken hydraulic pipe! The ‘Monday-Break-it-Fairy’ had seen my early-morning departure and in an effort to set me back, had done her worst…

I went a’ploughing on Monday morning,
When all of a sudden without warning,
I pulled the switch to turn over the plough,
Nothing happened what do I do now?
I tried again without success,
Used those words we use under stress!
Back to the farm after such a short while,
The ‘Monday-Break-it-Fairy’ is full of bile!
Now normally I throw odd things away,
Otherwise they clutter the store for a year and a day!
But I was in for a great surprise,
An old hydraulic pipe that was just the size!
In a very short time I effected a repair,
Told the ‘Monday-Break-it-Fairy’ to go elsewhere!

With apologies if I sent her destructive powers in your direction.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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