A Close Shave on the Terror Wheel


Sun Fairground rideLast year I was staying in St Neots over the Jubillee Weekend. Now I have been described in the past as ‘a bit of a wimp’ when it comes to fairground rides. Following many days spent on Health and Safety courses, and many hours spent hunched over risk assessments, I now see danger at every turn. However I was challenged in an “I’ll go on it if you will” way by friend Hazel (Backroom powerhouse of Big Matt the Handyman – ‘No Job Too Small’ and drowner of mobile phones! http://bit.ly/ZK9Zwo ). I don’t know what your childhood memories are like, but my hazy recollections include many such moments along, at times, with the consequences of wimping out. So it was only 365 days ago last Sunday that Hazel and I found ourselves in what can only be described as a giant washing machine drum (on a short rinse thanks to the non-stop rain!)…

The wheel at the fair goes round and round
We’re off the ground
Spinning round
The wheel on the ride goes up and down
At St Neots Jubilee Fair!

363 Days Later…

The wheel at the fair came tumbling down,
They’re on the ground,
No longer spinning around
The wheel on the ride came tumbling down,
At St Neots Fair day!

With best wishes for a speedy recovery to the eleven people injured at the St Neots fair last Friday.
Picture: Thanks to the Sun.
© Baldock Bard 2013
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