The Hidden English Garden!


IMG_0098Sometimes in life you are lucky to come across a view that takes your breath away. It may be a sunset, a painting in a gallery, a photograph in a magazine or even a small baby asleep! The other day I was walking through a beautiful Cambridgeshire village, bemoaning the fact that most of the gardens had impenetrable high walls, when I came across an open door. Whether the glimpse into forbidden territory made it more special, I couldn’t say, but there lay a beautiful garden. As a disinterested gardener I was most surprised at my reaction, maybe it’s old age…

I was walking through a village,
A chocolate-box cover sort of place!
When I came across an open door,
That made my old heart start to race!
Now Americans might have ‘a back yard’
And others may not seem to care,
But to sneak a peak into a garden here,
Is something special that hits you there!
I couldn’t name the flowers,
The weeds I’d probably pardon!
But it’s true I love the view,
Of a hidden English garden!
IMG_0099With gracious thanks to the owner for leaving the door open thus allowing me to peek into their truly beautiful hidden world.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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