A Farmer Went to Mow (without his dog)!


JCB+BatwingOne question I’m constantly being asked is, “How do you keep the grass at the boot sale looking so good?” I’m afraid it has little to do with magic or skill, we simply have a large ‘bat-wing’ mower that fits onto our JCB Fastrac tractor. The pitches are then marked out using a small John Deere ride-on. No fairy dust or magic, just two clever machines, sorry to spoil your illusions…

A farmer went to mow,
Went to mow a boot sale,
With JCB and mower- see!
Went to mow the boot sale.
His son-in-law went to mow,
Went to mow the pitches,
With a ride on mower to cut grass lower,
Went to mow the pitches!
You could all come and mow,
Come to mow a meadow!
You will see that it’s easy!
Come and mow a meadow!
JD Ride-on© Baldock Bard 2013
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