Visiting Big Sky Country!


Fen1Yesterday son-in-law John and I travelled north to the Fens. These are the UK’s answer to Montana – Big Sky Country. However we weren’t there to look at the long-range view, but to visit the co-operative that sells all our grain and see their new multi-million pound store. I hadn’t been there for nearly ten years and like an aged uncle at a family reunion was tempted to do some head-patting and say “My, haven’t you grown!” However perhaps the most important part was meeting the staff, most of whom I knew so well on the phone but had never met…
Fen 2The Cambridgeshire Fens are very very flat,
You can see for miles, just fancy that!
Up near March is a large grain store,
It’s called Fengrain (I’ve mentioned them before!)
They sell our oats, beans and wheat,
Because they’re a co-operative it means we can compete.
I drove up to Wimblington just yesterday,
For their new stores opening on a bright and sunny day!
We had a trip around the enormous store,
All so much bigger than it ever was before!
But that’s not the reason I drove all the way from home,
I got to meet the people I know only on the phone!
So thank-you Fengrainers for all you do for me,
Without your caring expertise the poorer I would be!
Fen 3Dedicated to all the wonderful staff who have made Fengrain such a success over the last 40 years!
© Baldock Bard 2013
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