The Last Saturday Lie-in!


4 Poster BedDo you remember going back to school? The excitement of meeting up with old friends, the prospect of making new ones and a slight nervousness about what lay ahead. I have just had my last Saturday morning lie-in for six months. Next Saturday at this time, I shall be wearing my headmaster’s cloak to welcome back customers for our twenty-first ‘term’ at the car boot sale! Meanwhile today I luxuriate in my last work-free Saturday…

I’ve just enjoyed my last lie-in,
the last until November.
When boot sales start,
it’s up with the lark,
(so long as I remember!).

The alarm clock has been serviced,
at least it has stopped snowing!
Every year,
alas, I fear,
takes more to get me going!

The bed-magnet is quite strong,
its warmth is always pleasing.
Hitch up the loos,
rather than snooze,
and hope the field’s not freezing!

So next week if I’m honest,
I’ll pray that nothing fails!
Vacant stare,
(just body there),
“welcome to our sales!”
Dog in bed© Baldock Bard 2013
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The Baldock Boot Sale returns on 7am Saturday 13-4-13
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