A Solicitor’s Pie!


Ailsa, my trusty solicitor, has a wicked sense of humour. Her idea of fun is to E-mail me pictures of food she knows I cannot resist. Her latest attempt to push me over the edge came in the form of her latest construction. Thanks to her bake-off with a friend I’m now salivating like a fire hydrant…

I was sitting quietly at my desk,
Doing nothing wrong, no chance of arrest.
When an E-mail arrived from my solicitor,
(she’s renown for being a hunger-facilitor!)

She’d been baking, I don’t know why,
And sent a picture of an exceptional pie!
The next picture was the one that broke,
A tasty inside to destroy a bloke.
Bacon and chicken with apricots,
Built for a man, not for tots!
The merest picture made me groan,
And from the mouth I began to foam!

This little trick is fading of course,
But leaves me wanting to eat a horse.
Thankfully I’ve got hidden stock,
Not of abstinence but a stick of rock!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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