Alex’s Good Luck Karma!


MNA friend’s son, Alex, is studying at a West-Country university. On Wednesday he is going for an interview to change his course and chosen career. He wants to be a nurse. I’m in awe of nurses as I am a medical wimp! I gag at the first sign of vomit and faint at the sight of blood. Anyone who decides to work to heal the sick gets my vote and best wishes…

If you are reading this on aircraft, boat or train,
Send Alex best wishes from your subconscious brain!
So let’s see if there’s,
Such a thing as Karma,
Something I believe in,
As I am a farmer!
I’m sure he’ll be successful without any fuss,
“Good Luck Alex from every one of us!”

A question for you – If in wishing luck to an actor you say “break a leg!” what do you say to someone who is a nurse? Answers please (on a postcard?!) to

© Baldock Bard 2014
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