Blockbuster – (Consigned to history)


BlockbusterRecently I passed Blockbuster’s empty store in Letchworth. The last time I had been in there it was full of people all looking for something to entertain them on a Saturday night. Thinking about it, I hadn’t been into the store for at least fifteen years, possibly more, as I preferred our local corner shops that had a less mind-boggling selection. I suddenly realised that my granddaughter might possibly ask ‘What was a Blockbuster card?’ or ‘What was a video?’ at some point in the future and I’d be hard pressed to explain…

“Grandpa, what is this?
I found it in a drawer,
It looks very old,
I haven’t seen it there before!”
“The card was proof of membership,
For a video store in town,
Just next to the shopping centre,
But in 2013 it closed down”.

“What was video rental?
Never heard of that before,
Was it like a download app,
Available from online store?”
“It simply was a place to go,
It had movies there to rent.
A video cassette was very large,
The tape sometimes was bent!”

I went up into the attic,
To a box all covered in dust.
Pulled out a video cassette,
The tape was covered in rust.
Further back a video player,
A vast aluminium non-ruster.
I plugged the lead into the mains,
It had gone the same way as Blockbuster!
Blockbuster2© Baldock Bard 2014
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