An Angry Old Man gets Phone Rage!


MastIt’s finally happened! Yesterday, as a result of mobile-phone signal rage, I turned into Angry Old Man! The transformation (without even a phone box in sight), to a tweed-crusader with raised walking-stick and flat cap, was instantaneous. One moment I was sitting in the office awaiting an important text, the next I was stalking around the farmyard in search of a phone signal with ears steaming like a kettle! The situation was not helped when son-in-law Bard showed me the perfect signal on his phone! It was only when cancelling my contract that I was struck by the ‘bleedin obvious’: I ought to be using a signal from the tall metal structure 1000yds away in our own wood! I went into Stevenage where two very calm and charming people, George and Sara, showed me the future…

What comes after O2?
Why! It has to be 3!
I’ve moved my phone contract,
From the progeny of BT!
I went into Stevenage,
Had quite a shock,
George and Sara were helpful,
in 3’s town-centre shop!
It was not long before,
(They’d not twisted my arm),
I was receiving a full signal,
Everywhere on the farm!
There’s only one problem,
No more can I say,
“Didn’t have a signal,
When you rang me today!”

The staff at the 3 phone shop in Queensgate Stevenage are awarded the following award for surprisingly good service. Thank you George and Sara from the Baldock Bard. I thought  as I left the shop: “They deserve a Gold Star” so here it is!
© Baldock Bard 2013
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  1. Thanks for this BB.
    I hope you don’t mind, but, I’ve shared this on my Facebook and with my bosses.
    It’s very much appreciated

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