The Truth About Dinosaurs!


Child riding dinoMost children of a certain age are honest, brutally so. Most adults aren’t. The following is partially a true story. You’ll have to decide for yourselves what is true and what is not…

A little boy
Said to me recently:
“You don’t half look old!”
I said to him,
Without a pause:
“When I was your age I used to ride dinosaurs!”

He looked at me,
Mouth agape.
I continued:

“Some of them flew,
But in the days before runways,
It was often a bumpy take-off.”

“Some ran,
Faster than a speeding train,
But without the tracks to guide them,
You never knew just where they would go:
I once ended up outside Edinburgh by mistake.”

“Some became extinct
Because they just sat,
Deep in their caves,
Looking down at their little hands,
On the end of their stubby arms,
Wondering if they would ever be able
To suck their thumb!”

© Baldock Bard 2013
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