And They’re Off (Losing each way!)


RacingSpeaking to my Godmother on the phone the other evening, she proudly announced that she’d won part of a horse in a draw. Not wishing to mention Tesco or ‘beef’ pies, I simply congratulated her. How much of the horse she now owned wasn’t divulged, but it sounded like possibly less than a hoof! When she mentioned its name and that it was running at Plumcanton (or similar!) I couldn’t resist an amateur each-way wager…

My Godmother won,
Part of a horse,
A horse bred for racing,
Not pies of course!
She told me its name,
And I was excited,
So I backed it each way,
Was highly delighted.
It couldn’t lose,
Because of the name,
All horses to me,
Look just the same.
“And they are off!”
Yelled a commentator,
My mind on the winnings,
I’d collect later!
It was pipped to the post,
Wouldn’t you know it?
What was its name?
The Snappy Poet!

With grateful thanks to At The Races for the ability to watch the race.
At The Races is available on Sky Channel 415

© Baldock Bard 2013
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