Apologising for Weather!


Rainy BaldockLast night I popped down to Baldock to see the damage the heavy rain had caused at the boot sale field. In the dark there was a sizeable lake by the entrance. I continued on to the town and consoled myself with a takeaway! The streets looked as if they’d been paved with marble… very wet marble! This morning it’s up at the crack of a very wet dawn to console customers who arrive at the gates in the rain and discover an abandoned boat sale!…

It’s raining cats and dogs,
And little bright green frogs,
Why can’t it rain mid-week,
Less havoc could it wreak!

It’s been raining all night long,
That’s typical and so wrong,
I’ll be termed a fail,
That there’ll be no boot sale!

The ducks and geese are happy,
Their feet go flippy-flappy!
All across the ground,
There are new ponds to be found!

So I am off in the dark,
By the car boot gates to park,
And spend the next two hours,
Apologising for showers!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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