The Royal Wedding Anniversary!


I feel I ought to apologise now and ask those of nervous disposition to look away. This verse is more slushy than the slushiest-blue slushy-iced drink you’ve ever tasted. However it does give me an excuse to dig out the above photo of two cardboard-cutouts supposedly selling unwanted wedding gifts at a car boot sale. So sorry to one and all and if you come to the boot sale one Saturday I’ll buy you a coffee to make it up to you…

The Royal Wedding Anniversary

This weekend a year ago,
The world watched a couple to the altar go.
Love, a rare part of this Royal alchemy,
The result, a press-perfect kiss on the balcony.
The media here has largely forgotten,
The furore it created over a bridesmaid’s bottom,
(Having turned her into a celebrity,
They’re now ripping her to shreds in gay Paree!)
Meanwhile the happy couple in public thrive,
They are central to the monarchy staying alive.
There’s only one think that should prevail,
I think they ought to visit the car boot sale!

© Baldock Bard
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