February (an unsettling month on the farm)


Baldock SunsetYears ago an old farmer warned me about February: “February is always the worst time on a farm. It’s cold with a chance of snow, the cowman is on the verge of leaving, the muck heap is close to full, forage stocks may or may not last until the grass is ready and spring seems further away than ever!” I often wonder what he’d have made of this month in the UK, especially in Somerset…

It’s been mild
Winter never came
Day on day
Nothing much but rain
Not long now
Spring will arrive
Days will be much longer
Daffodils line the drive

The cameras will leave Somerset
The news will move elsewhere
The public’s thirst sated
Still water everywhere
We shall not forget them
As we store up loads of hay
Ready to feed their livestock
And reassure them they’re OK

If you wish to donate forage, please get in touch with your local NFU or YFC branch.
If you wish to donate please go to: http://www.justgiving.com/fcn/donate
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Many thanks to all those hauliers who have donated their time, trucks and diesel to help get forage to where it is needed.

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