Bobbing Heads and Arms!


Bobbling HeadsOn Sunday morning I was down by a local river when a siren sounded and there was a noise like a gigantic washing machine. Thinking tsunami at the very least, I prepared for the worst, only to be discovered looking a fool attempting to don a life jacket, as a whole group of triathlon swimmers swam past…

Some wear purple,
Some wear red,
Sometimes an arm,
But mostly head!
Following a swim,
For 1500 metres,
A 45k bike ride,
For body-pain seekers!
And if that’s not enough,
To be called fun,
You just add,
A 10k run!

I’m a wimp,
I don’t care,
Spectating only,
Saves wet hair!!

Thanks to all those from NiceTri for providing such stimulating entertainment early on Sunday morning.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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