Bravery Personified


sian2In many cases these days, the word ‘bravery’ is something that is associated with little more than everyday occurrences. Such is the often devaluation of language when in mass use. Today, friend Sian goes into hospital to have a new hip. Unfortunately this has been rescheduled countless times since autumn ’15 due to bouts of chemotherapy and even a delay caused by toothache….

If you ask Sian “How are you?”
She’ll always reply : “I am fine!”
So friends never know how she really is
The majority of the time.
So wherever you are today
Give her a thought or a prayer
Because I know today her thoughts
Will be with other folk elsewhere. 

Wishing Sian a speedy recovery, it’s finally time to recycle those crutches! With love from all your many friends everywhere. If everyone had a friend like Sian the world would be a better place.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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