The Dangers of Trees!


treeThis year I seem to have been accident-prone. I have fallen into the river: losing phone, wallet and glasses, Spilt coffee over my trusty laptop and broken my big yellow tractor more times than you could imagine. Last week I pulled hard on a rope which broke, leaving me flat on my back, I should have taken notice of this warning sign…

T’was driving around the farm,
just before lunch,
reversed the car,
something went crunch!
Out I got,
oh! stupid me!
The car had been hit,
by a rather large tree!
It jumped out,
from the hedge,
kicked the car,
on the quarter-light edge.
The mechanic said:
“What will you do?”
I replied:
“I think I’ll sue!”

Please take care out there, it’s an alarming world and Christmas is just around the corner.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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