Shovelling Oats!


oat-dustYesterday morning I spent an hour shovelling oats ready for loading between Christmas and the New Year. The dust and seeds blew about the bin and soon I looked like ‘The Thing From The Oat Lagoon’. What was disconcerting was the amount that ended inside my overalls. I had also found it uncomfortable to sit throughout the day and it was only when I undressed for the bath that I discovered the reason….

Oats, oats, glorious oats!
Perfect for feeding,
People and goats,
Perfect for breakfast,
Or in cakes for your tea,
The versatile cereal,
Grown here by me!
But when you undress,
for hot bath ‘cos you smell,
Then you discover,
Oats in your socks (and pants as well!)

Have a great day and avoid that uncomfortable ‘Rogue Oat Feeling!’

© Baldock Bard 2016
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