Break out the Barbecue!


It’s not often that you can barbecue in March. Last night we had the first of the season having dragged the griddle kicking and screaming from hibernation. The day had seen a high of over 20 degrees and this was a cause for celebration on a burger and sausage scale. So sit back, smell the fumes and enjoy my burnt offering…

March of the Barbecue

Break out the barbecue
Summer is here!
It may still be March
But we want cold beer

I found some old charcoal
Out in the shed
Along with a rat
I think it was dead

The griddle was filthy
(not put it away clean)
Industrial scraping
You know what I mean

I lit the old charcoal
Poured some fuel on
The flames reached the heavens
Now my eyebrows have gone

I sprayed on some water
To cool down the heat
Hotter than a furnace
Won’t be long ‘till we eat

On went the burgers
Sausage (no mash)
They sizzled and frizzled
Will be done in a flash

I flipped a ‘Value’ burger
I’d been a skinflint
It fell to the ground
That my Carbon footprint?

When we had eaten
Light started to slide
Barbecue heat now perfect
And we were inside!

© Baldock Bard

Just 15 days until the Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returns
for its 20th season on the 14th April 2012