Charity Cards!


Have you received your first Christmas card yet? The first card arrived at Bard Manor on the 27th November (see above!). Every year I promise myself that I’ll be organised and send my cards early. Of course the main incentive to post early is the ability to use 2nd class stamps (now 50p each, up from 36p last April, 1st class now 60p). This year I may just succeed due to quality of the cards I am sending…

I went out and bought Christmas cards,
Prompted by friends on the ball.
Their card arrived ten days ago,
I hadn’t thought of cards at all!

Mrs Bard was not amused,
Called my selection ‘so poor’,
I had to recover my precarious position
Had an idea I’d not considered before!

So now I have some really great cards,
From the Herts Air Ambulance folk.
They landed near here in the summer,
Saved the life of a motorcycle bloke.

Their cards have saved my skin and are AVAILABLE NOW at the remarkable good value £3.95 for 10 cards! That’s cheaper than the stamps. Go on, treat yourself! Your friends and family will be so impressed and you’ll be helping keep a vital service in the air.
Herts Air Ambulance is a life-saving local charity. They receive no government funding and deserve our help. Visit their website today and see how you can hep such a worthy cause!
© Baldock Bard 2012

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