Spring Cleaning in December!


There has been a frenzied bout of sudden spring-cleaning in North Hertfordshire! A lottery ticket worth £63.8 million was outstanding until the deadline at 11pm last night. This morning there is a lonely scrap of paper somewhere in the area that is now worthless. The benefit of all this frantic searching is that many homes are now unusually tidy…

I’ve been through the house
I’ve been through the car
I’ve been through the garage too!
I’m convinced that I bought
A ticket for the draw
And gave that ticket to you!

I’ve found my car’s log-book
I’ve found my MOT
I’ve found the missing keys as well!
The ticket wasn’t here
And if it does appear
I’ll keep it to myself – won’t tell!

We won’t have that massive house
The car will stay the same
The yacht will not be coming too!
If you’ll put up with me
Annoying as I can be
The only win I’ll need is you!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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