The Delivery (culmination of seven months!)


Delivering HayOn the farm there are some jobs that score less than one out of ten! However there are some jobs that may look as if they are heading for such a score, but just before the final whistle can leap to an eight or nine! Delivering hay is mostly a pleasure as it is not only a pleasant drive out, but also the culmination of hard work back in the summer and careful storage up to now. Yesterday son-in-law John and I delivered to a local stable yard. To see horses happily tucking into hay that we successfully cut, turned, turned again, rowed up, baled, carted, stacked, stored and delivered can bring quite a buzz…

Monday morning time out for a ride,
To deliver hay for horses outside,
We loaded the trailer with sixty bales,
And roped the back in case stacking fails!
Off we drove along the road,
Keeping an eye on the precious load,
Until we reached the stable yard,
Reversed to the shed, that was not hard!
Then came the sweat of stacking each bale,
(To make extra sure the stack didn’t fail).
After humping those bales John felt quite shaky,
So tried his hand at a spot of Reiki!
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