Dolly’s Dreamy Haircut!


Dolly the horse has an aversion to the beauty salon. She head-buts, kicks out and generally becomes ‘ASBO-Horse, Scourge of the Stable!’ Yesterday it was time for a trim – Protective helmets were donned, reinforcements drafted and the vet was called. If she reads this I’m in big trouble…

Alas poor Dolly she looks so sad,
She’s not been ill, she’s not been bad.
She just hates her coat being trimmed,
A small injection, her senses dimmed.
She falls asleep, has horsey dreams,
Lush fields of grass by gurgling streams!
By this morning in the paddock she’ll float,
Muttering aloud: “Where’s my coat?”
I’m so grateful that when I worry,
My owner doesn’t tell the vet to hurry!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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