The Skype Grandma


Skype GrandmaIn a recent survey, it was suggested that more and more of us are living out our years alone. In many cases, due to family break-ups, families are living further and further apart. I consider myself so very lucky to see my granddaughter very often, however I always spare a thought for the ‘Skype Grandparents’ who aren’t so blessed.

She sits at the bus stop alone,
Wears a hat she once bought in Rome!
Her shopping’s been done,
Meals just for one,
And tins for the cat left at home!

Her husband has been gone for years,
She worked for one of the peers.
It was only on vacation,
She didn’t go to the station,
On retirement she shed many tears.

She did the best for her daughter,
(perhaps rather more than she ought’a).
As soon as she was able,
She bolted the stable,
A young man from abroad had caught her!

Her daughter has moved far away,
Too far to just go and stay.
She’s ‘Skype-Granny Rose’,
And her sorrow grows,
She’ll never see the baby at play.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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