Early Christmas Card!


We’ve had a sudden snowfall overnight of about two inches! Where did that come from? (Don’t answer that as I’m well aware that it comes from the sky!) I hadn’t seen a weather forecast for some days and so it was a surprise. Unfortunately it’s not here to stay and so we’ll soon be left with slush, so we might as well appreciate it while it’s here…

Woke up this morning,
What a surprise!
Tons of icing sugar,
Had fallen from the skies!

Two inches of snow,
Covering everything.
The whole world is silent,
No birds around to sing.

No traffic on the road,
Roaring up and down,
Not an aircraft in the sky,
Nothing at all around!

The snow’s a little bit slushy,
The ground underneath isn’t hard.
Thank you Mother Nature,
For your early Christmas Card!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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