Multi-Storey Misery!


IMG_6735I hate multi-storey car parks. While I understand the point of a concrete stacking system, it is the physical problems that have to be overcome in their use that irritates me. Perhaps it’s simply down to the fact that I seem to always be the one to drop passengers at the entrance only to be frowned upon when I join them later than expected…

Up and up and up I go,
Looking for a space,
What are all these cars doing here?
It’s really a disgrace!

The corners are too tight,
I fear I’ll scrape a wing,
I’m now so high I’m in the sky,
Can see fifty miles to Tring!

At last I spy a space,
And rush before it’s taken,
But the traffic flow says NO GO!
And I feel my anger quaken!

At last many spaces,
Not a single car in sight,
It’s raining on the rooftop,
I guess it serves me right!

“What ever took you so long?”
They ask when I’m back to earth,
“The lift never came I stood in the rain!”
They just double up with mirth

© Baldock Bard 2013
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