The Dishwasher Fairy!


Dishwasher FairyThere are times when our dishwasher is prone to making weird noises. Mrs Bard sometimes asks me what is causing the racket. Not having done the washing machine repair module as part of my degree course (mummy kept me home that day with a cold), I have to declare ignorance. This does not go down well at all. The other day, when I was in exploratory mode, attempting use diagnostic skills I don’t have, I had rather a nasty shock…

The dishwasher was making a terrible noise,
As if filled with spanners or ten children’s toys!
The light was on ‘Low Dishwasher Salt’,
Was this the reason it had ground to a halt?
I opened the door, worried and wary,
When out backwards crawled a dishwasher-fairy!
“You useless man!” she shouted at me,
“Can’t you load a machine, it’s easy you see!”
I stepped well back to avoid her eruptions,
“Typical man, you don’t read the instructions!”
Finally, I’m afraid, I could take it no more,
I shoved her back in and slammed shut the door!
I turned on the power-wash, rinse and the drain
The machine farted and belched, never saw her again!
Now the noise has become really quite scary
I think she must be, one angry dishwasher fairy!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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