Time Travelling with Aunty!


The elderly are invisible in these youth-orientated times. What we fail to acknowledge as a community, is that it’s a place we are all heading towards. The fact is that we’ll all be old one day! So take a minute out of your day and make a pensioner’s day by saying ‘hello’, it could be your turn to be alone and lonely soon…

Time Travelling with Aunty

“For the next two weeks we’ll be down at the sea,
Daphne, Bertie, Freddie and me,
We’ll be travelling by LNER,
It’s much more convenient than taking the car.”

“Last year on the journey to County Kerry,
Freddie was ill on the old steam ferry,
Oh! How we laughed, you should have seen,
The look on his face when he turned pea-green.”

“We stayed in a guest house charming and quaint
That needed a clean and a coat of paint
In the evenings we danced at the end of the pier
And walked home in moonlight that was crystal clear.”

“I’m leaving now Aunty – I’ll see you soon,”
My shout echoed around that little old room,
One look back at her wrinkled smiling face,
I think she was happy in her far-off place.

© Baldock Bard
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