Gone Fishing!


Gone Fishing!Yesterday saw the start of the coarse fishing season here in the UK. I freely admit that I haven’t the patience to sit for hour upon hour on a lonely river bank in the hope of getting a nibble. But there are millions of anglers who sit for hours trying to catch a fish while the closest I come to a catch is in the fish and chip shop…

Dave sits on the river bank,
It’s good to be fishing again,
It’s great to get out of the house,
Away from nagging Lorraine!

The last few weeks preparing,
He’s bought new floats and hooks,
His new rod is the best carbon fibre,
He enjoys the envious looks!

He casts across the river,
The rod swishes through the air,
When he reels in he’s disappointed,
Once again there’s nothing there!

He arrives home for supper,
Expecting at least a hot roast,
There’s a note for him on the table,
‘Gone fishing! – Enjoy sardines on toast!’

© Baldock Bard 2013
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