The Daily Precious!


Precious & MummyPrecious the gosling is growing every day. The geese now take her out and about as they show her their world and teach her how to be a goose. She is a quick learner, but at times has to be brought back into line by the others. Unfortunately she looks as if butter wouldn’t melt and as an only child, gets away with everything…

Hi! My name is Precious,
I’m a gosling not a duck,
I wander around the farm all day,
enjoying all my luck!
My mum (she’s in the picture),
I think her name is Mabel,
Well she and all the others,
Protect me as they’re able.
The other day a big red kite,
Above me started to hover,
The geese all shouted at him:
“Come down if you want some bovver!”
I’m growing every day,
I’m now very much more brave,
Although my mum says of me:
“You’re my very small gosling knave!”
Precious Dancing© Baldock Bard 2013
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