Guests That Will Not Leave (and begin to smell after three days!)


Cousins for teaBenjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States is quoted as saying: “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Our geese would heartily agree with the sentiment behind this 280 year-old saying. You see, they’ve had guests to stay. The arrival of Canadian cousins three weeks ago was the cause of much celebration, honking and sharing of food. However the expectation was that the visitors would take a very broad hint and accept a lift to the airport before now…

Two Canada Geese arrived to stay,
With their cousins on the farm.
They didn’t bring a bottle of wine,
The Whites noticed with alarm!
They stayed a week and ate much food,
Then they stayed some more,
By the end of yet another week,
Family relations were quite sore!

The Whites are normally perfect hosts,
(said through gritted teeth),
Is your flight booked for this week?
We’ll book a taxi with Keith!

The guests thought they were teasing them,
You Brits are just so strange,
We are here ‘till Autumn,
No travel to arrange!

The Whites no longer notice the ‘guests’,
As they grumble so,
Somewhere they’ve read a saying,
About fish that will not go!
The Canuks are not for turning,
They are still here today,
What they’ve not told their cousins,
They only live ten miles away!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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