Low Bridge Ahead!



Low BridgeThe railway bridge in Baldock is about 15ft high. Since a number of lorries have made contact (and a tractor towing a tall implement!), Railtrack have plastered it with warning chevrons and a large sign. Unfortunately this was to no avail as last week I came across another load stuck under it! Cue traffic chaos and a red-faced driver…

I have picked up a load of pallets,
From a builders yard down south,
I’m busy driving my lorry,
A piece of Yorkie in my mouth!

Driving through the town of Baldock
A young lady catches my eye,
I see her in the rear-view,
As I go sailing by!

There is a bridge in front of me,
I’ll easily get under that!
All of a sudden I’m stationary,
Following a very loud crack!

“That’s OK,” I tell myself,
“I’ll just let off the strain,
A few pallets will fall off the load,
They won’t see it from the train!”

Just then I spy in front of me,
A sight I won’t forget,
A man’s taking a bloody photograph,
I bet for the Internet!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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