‘Precious’ a New Arrival on the Farm!


PreciousWe have had a big surprise on the farm! Our team of geese, who have always been most proficient at laying un-fertilized eggs, have at last managed to produce a chick! Unfortunately their security is so tight that it would be easier to break into a top-security prison than take a good photo of the new arrival (see above!). Getting anywhere near requires the agricultural version of a prison officer’s riot control shield and a stout broom! Naturally with eight proud guardians and one surprised mother the infant has been given the name ‘Precious’…
Goose Riot ControlThe geese on the farm are very cross,
When anyone approaches their stable,
We know they’ve got a chick in there,
We think the mother is Mabel!

We approach the guards with a dustbin lid,
In the other hand a broom,
There’s a lot of screeching and extending of necks,
As we fight to make some room!

And there behind mum is a little yellow chick,
Precious squeaks beneath her wing,
Quickly grab a fuzzy-hazy snap,
And leave as our ears ring!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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