When a close friend dies it can create a maelstrom in your life. Last week, Marsya Lennox – journalist, property writer, wife, mother, friend and much more besides lost her battle with cancer.
Writing about someone special is always difficult as it’s nigh on impossible to do them justice without at least 3,738 pages of text in Times New Roman 8 point. I have tried my best with the available space.
Some references will mean nothing to the casual reader e.g. ‘That private place’ is actually her bra, where she kept loose change, cigarettes, lighter and everything but the kitchen sink, much to the shock of new acquaintances!
I can only hope that I’ve done her some sort of justice and celebrated, with you, the life of a wonderfully warm human being.
So wherever you are in the world and whatever the colour of your skin, if you awoke this morning having had a better than expected nights sleep despite your worries, that will have been Mars, shouldering your concerns and covering your back as you slept. Just as she has done over the years for so many of us, who are so proud to be numbered amongst her many friends…

Parting is oh, such sweet sorrow,
You were here last week but not tomorrow.
Let me count the things that we shall miss
Your sense of humour, your wedded bliss.

Your caring touch that made things better,
A kindly word on screen or letter.
Your gravelly voice with mock outrage,
Considered words at centre stage.

Your dimpled cheeks, that wicked grin,
That private place you kept everything in!
Your newspaper column we used to read,
A dazzling appearance – perfection in tweed!

Your loving glance sideways at ‘your lads’,
Provoked some envy from other dads.
Your sense of friendship, oh so true,
But what we’ll miss most – simply – you.

Baldock Bard 2012

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