Mastering the Wind and Waves!


Jamie Drummond 1Have you ever watched a sport where you have not the faintest idea what is happening? Last weekend I watched Jamie Drummond, a Freestyle Windsurfer, in action at a competition in Weymouth, Dorset. Despite having driven from Vassaliki, Greece, where he is based with water-sport holiday company Ocean Elements (, he gave a masterful performance in 50 knot winds to deservedly be placed first equal. I heard him use phrases like ‘Spock’ and ‘Kono’ but despite becoming an instant expert in a baffling sport, have to admit I’m none the wiser…

Jamie Drummond is riding the waves,
The wind is howling (or sick!)
He’s managed to fall numerous times,
As he performs his latest trick!
Did I just see a ‘Burner’?
Perhaps a Shaka or Loop?
His Ponch must be worth many prizes,
While he pulls off a new Betty Boop!
If I were to take to the water,
I’d sink like a drunken waiter!
So for all concerned, I have learned,
It’s best that I’m a spectator!
Jamie Drummond 2

© Baldock Bard 2013
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