More Haste… Less Hay Turned!


David Brown 1490 1With this glorious weather still around we decided to make some more hay. Yesterday afternoon, son-in-law John went off to mow (without his dog!) and I was left to contemplate my shoes! Suddenly I had a good idea! I would fetch the thirty-year-old tractor from the back of the shed and go to turn the hay. An hour later the good idea was becoming poor reality as I struggled to prepare the old tractor for work following its long hibernation. However out in the field my idea bore fruit and hay was turned. Unfortunately the David Brown had not read the script and after an hour decided to break down. I realized too late that it was like entering Old Mother Hubbard into a marathon after a decade of sitting in a wing-back chair. Sometimes the longest way round is the shortest (and cheapest) way home…
David Brown 1490 2I fetched the old tractor from the back of the shed,
I should have fetched a deckchair instead.
I went in haste to turn the grass
Would have been better with iced-drink in a glass
No air conditioning, the radio’s old,
The steering wheel was covered in mould!
The poor old girl did all she could,
Then broke down as I thought she would!
Abandoned she sits over-faced,
Sometimes better to wait, than rush with haste
David Brown 1490 3© Baldock Bard 2013
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