The Art Installation!


InstallationI’ve always been very critical of what I have sometimes referred to in the past as ‘non-Art’. Unmade beds and cross-sectioned animals in formaldehyde did nothing to inflate my boat, let alone float it. Therefore when I was invited to the unveiling of an ‘installation’ on Saturday evening by the famous Ukranian artist Ivalotof Pistak, I was tempted to stay at home and rearrange my stamp collection. However sense prevailed and I was entranced as the artist turned an ordinary tree into a magical ‘shrine of light’…

We sat in a circle around a tree,
When music started (out of key).
And in front of us on the third refrain,
Stood a famous artist from Ukraine.

She started to howl,
She started to shake,
And very soon installation make!
Coloured ropes and balloons with light,
Illuminated tree by fall of night!

The audience clapped,
The audience cheered,
And just like that,
She disappeared!

Come the morning,
For all to see,
‘Twas back to being,
An ordinary tree!
Installation2© Baldock Bard 2013
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