Superb Passenger Assistance! (this way to the trains!)


Pass AssistI recently took my father to Paddington Station to catch a train to the West Country. Parking in London these days is impossible and if found, requires you to take on a debt equal to that of a medium-sized dictatorship. Train operators, Great Western, have a wonderful system where you can park, drop off your elderly relative and they are taken direct to the train, at no extra cost, on a buggy (only if they have a ticket and are going to travel, it’s not No-Charge Daddy-Daycare)…

Goes the electric car,
As it trundles its way,
Towards a platform afar.

Old Mrs Jones,
is off to Swansea,
Can’t walk far,
She has a dodgy knee!

The driver has put,
Her cases aboard,
Provides chauffeur service
Old folk can afford!

My old man,
He’s off to Devon,
He’s not complaining,
Thinks it’s passenger heaven!
Pass Assist 2

Baldock-Bard-Gold-Star-Award-300x291The Baldock Bard Award is for companies or organisations that ‘we love to hate’, and is awarded to them when they surprise with service beyond the realms of expectation! 

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