When Rufus Wore the Trousers!


ChewI was buying my dog a chew the other day when I spied one on the supermarket shelf that was shaped like a shoe, complete with laces. I was about to put it in my basket when I remembered the trouble I had keeping my left shoe on my foot (the heel has been chewed by the dog!). There is a designer of dog products out there who has a nasty streak, he’s probably got a cat…

Rufus is a very naughty dog,
He’s chewed the remote control,
His daddy wants to watch the football match,
He’s already missed the goal!
Rufus is sat in state on the couch,
Nobody can sit nearby!
Whenever anyone sits near him,
They get a growl and are given the eye!
He barks in the garden, he barks in the park,
He barks in the car as well!
All can see he controls this house,
His owners are living in Hell!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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