Stacking Bales the Lazy Way!


Stacking Bales JCBI once worked for a boss who was fond of ‘his little sayings’. He’d say things like, “patience and perseverance will piddle a hole in a stone!” in a broad Ayreshire accent. Another of his sayings came to me when I was stacking bales with a machine: He hated laziness and what he termed ‘lazy ways!’ and so would have said this afternoon: “the longest way round is often the shortest way home!” We shall see if this saying has been correct this morning, it all depends on whether the stack is still standing…

I’ve been stacking bales of hay,
Kept me busy yesterday,
Back and forth with the Loadall truck,
To stop them collapsing took some luck!

Can’t believe the stack didn’t fall,
Held up I suppose by the old barn wall,
We shall see once the stack subsides,
Will it burst its bales from all sides?

If this morning when I walk to work,
If the stack has fallen I’ll look a berk!
But if the stack is still upright,
The stacking fairies have stacked overnight!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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