The Band of Comforters!


Precious MonkeyWhen you were little did you have a toy, blanket or even piece of cloth you couldn’t be without? My granddaughter has a monkey. She is the most precious thing in her world. There are also two reserves, but they fail to make the grade, are immediately identified as being ‘not the one’ and rejected. The ‘Chosen One’ reigns supreme…

I see a monkey swinging from a tree,
She’s a very special monkey, one of three!
Sometimes she hides, just to be bad,
There’s one big panic waiting to be had!
My granddaughter spends her time sucking the tail,
If Monkey were missing then sleep would not prevail!
So in reserve (but not quite the same),
Are the two other monkeys who share her name!
So here’s to all comforters for the job they do,
They’re loved, abused, down trodden, but still love you!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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