The Sentencing


Crown CourtYesterday I sat in the public gallery of a Crown Court as a convicted paedophile received his sentence. His actions and the hurt to children (now grown adults), that he caused, are too horrific to mention. The very fact that he showed no remorse or sorrow would have sent Judge Bard reaching for his black wig…

The evil that men can do,
In the search for self-gratification,
Makes me sometimes feel ashamed,
Of my very gender.

To have to hear such horrific evidence,
Day upon day,
Week upon week,
Must surely erode,
The heart, soul and faith,
In human nature,
Of those who have to listen.

When the world wakes up this morning,
It is safe in the knowledge,
That a disgusting man,
Has 2,920 more mornings,
To wake in a cell.

May Vincent Mitchell, 82,
Convicted paedophile,
Rot In Peace.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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