Time Travel Back to 1980!


Hatcheck GirlHave you ever been listening to the radio and suddenly a song comes on that transports you back in time? I was driving down a farm track the other day listening to the radio, when I was immediately transported to the time I last heard the song that was playing. Luckily I wasn’t on the road as I could do nothing more than stop the car and let the emotional memories that the song provoked wash over me.

I was transported back to a journey I’d completely forgotten about!

It was August 27th 1980, we were in the middle of harvest and my son had been born early that morning. I was driving home from the hospital tired yet exhilarated, tears of joy streaming down my face and singing along with the radio at the top of my voice!

Unfortunately the feeling of exhilaration and surprise of reliving such a moment can’t ever be repeated. Because by the time you find, download and play the song again (this one isn’t available anywhere but U-tube), the moment has gone and the grey present has returned. You’re back in the room…

So this morning, instead of a verse I am passing on a long-forgotten song. As far as I know it never made the charts and is not particularly remarkable, except for the memories it stirred in me! As they used to say way back when, give it a spin!

‘Hatcheck Girl’ by Eddie Howell

Thanks to Graham Norton on Radio 2 for the memory!

Baldock Bard 2013
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